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Product Name Model Price  
Lithium Battery 3V (123 CR123 123A) (1 per Pack)2323$4.99
Pelican 1800 Replacement Xenon Lamp Module1804$13.64
Pelican 1800 Replacement Xenon Lamp Module1804$12.99
Pelican 1900 Mitylite Replacement Lamp Module1904$5.99
Pelican 1910 LED Flashlight1910$25.99
Pelican 1920 LED Flashlight1920$29.97
Pelican 2003PL PhotoLuminescent Shroud2003PL$9.99
Pelican 2004 Replacement Lamp Module Model#s(2000PL)2004$9.99
Pelican 2140 Tracker Replacement Lamp Module2144$8.99
Pelican 2200, 2250 Versabrite Industrial Helmet Band2206$4.99
Pelican 2200, 2250 VersaBrite Replacement Lamp Module2204$7.99
Pelican 2300 Mitylite Replacement Lamp Module2304$9.99
Pelican 2300 Mitylite Replacement Lamp Module2304$9.99
Pelican 2322OR Orange Traffic Wand2322OR$10.99
Pelican 2322YW Yellow Traffic Wand2322YW$10.99
Pelican 2324 Xenon Replacement Lamp Module2324$11.95
Pelican 2325 M6 Blue Filter Cap2325Blue$18.99
Pelican 2325 M6 IR Filter Cap2325$89.99
Pelican 2325 M6 Red Filter Cap2325Red$18.99
Pelican 2340 Replacement Lamp Module2304$9.99
Pelican 2360 LED Tactical Flashlight2360LED$39.97
Pelican 2404 StealthLite Replacement Xenon Lamp Module2404$11.99
Pelican 2430 MityLite Xenon Lamp Module2424$5.99
Pelican 2450 Desk/Dash Smart Charger Base Unit (2470F)2470F$27.99
Pelican 2450 Desk/Dash Smart Charger Base Unit (2470F)2470F$29.91
Pelican 2450 12-Volt Plug-in for Charger (2455N)2455N$14.07
Pelican 2450 Replacement Rechargeable Battery Pack (2469)2469$24.99
Pelican 2467F 110V Transformer for Fast Charger2467F$12.99
Pelican 2600 HeadsUp Lite Replacement Cloth strap2607$9.67
Pelican 2600 HeadsUp Lite Replacement Lamp (0.5) Amp2604LM$5.99
Pelican 2600 HeadsUp Lite Replacement Lamp (0.75) Amp2605LM$5.99
Pelican 2600 HeadsUp Lite Replacement Rubber strap2606$7.99
Pelican 2668 Extended Duty 4D Battery Hip Pack2668$8.99
Pelican 3324 Replacement Lamp Module Model# (3320)3324$11.99
Pelican 3390 Knife/Lite Combo3390$44.97
Pelican 3750 Recharge Battery Pack with Tray3759$69.99
Pelican 6057F 110v Transformer for Fast Charger6057F$16.99
Pelican 6061F Direct Wiring Rig for Fast Charger6061F$12.99
Pelican 6061F Direct Wiring Rig for Fast Charger6061F$15.83
Pelican 610 Front Sight Mount610$89.99
Pelican 620 Side Sling Mount620$89.99
Pelican 630 Foregrip Mount630$89.99
Pelican 7050 Desk/Dash Charger Base Unit (7060F)7060F$51.03
Pelican 7052OR Traffic Wand (Orange)7052OR$11.99
Pelican 7052YW Traffic Wand (Yellow)7052YW$11.99
Pelican 7060 12 Volt Plug in for Charger Base Unit (8056F)8056F$12.99
Pelican 7060 Deck/Dash Charger Base Unit (7070)7070$45.99
Pelican 7060 LED (L.A.P.D.) Tactical Flashlight7060$149.97
Pelican 7060 LED (L.A.P.D.) Tactical Flashlight w Battery only7061B$129.97
Pelican 7060 Led Basket Weave Holster (7075)7075$15.99
Pelican 7060 Led Codura Holster (7078)7078$13.99
Pelican 7060 Led Plain Leather Holster (7077)7077$15.99
Pelican 7060 Replacement Rechargeable Battery Pack (7069)7069$39.99
Pelican 770 Universal Helmet Light Holder Kit770$14.99
Pelican 8052OR Orange Traffic Wand8052OR$12.99
Pelican 8052YW Yellow Traffic Wand8052YW$12.99
Pelican 8060 Deck/Dash Charger Base Unit (8070)8070$79.99
Pelican 8060 LED Flashlight8060 LED$159.97
Pelican 9410 LED Lantern Flashlight9410$299.97
Pelican 9430 12/24V Vehicle Charger9436$110.99
Pelican 9430 12/24V Vehicle Charger9436$110.87
Pelican 9430 Back Pack9432$110.99
Pelican 9430 RALS Charger9430F$109.99
Pelican 9430 RALS Spare LED Head & T-Bar9434$352.99
Pelican 9430 Remote area Lighting system Flashlight9430$749.97
Pelican 9430 Tear-Off Back Pack9431$109.99
Pelican 9430T Tripod Kit (Extension Card Included)9430T$132.87
Pelican 9460 Remote Area Lighting System9460$1,799.97
Pelican 9470 Remote Area Lighting System9470$2,999.97
Pelican Big Ed 3700 Flashlight3700$109.97
Pelican Big Ed 3700 Photoluminescent Flashlight3700PL$109.97
Pelican Big Ed Rechargeable 3750 Flashlight3750$179.97
Pelican Big Ed Rechargeable 3750 Photoluminescent Flashlight3750PL$179.97
Pelican Codura Holster (2407)2047$11.99
Pelican Flex Neck 2365 LED Flashlight2365FLEX$43.97
Pelican HeadsUp Lite 2600 Flashlight2600$39.97
Pelican HeadsUp Lite 2610 LED Flashlight2610$29.97
Pelican HeadsUp Lite 2620 Flashlight2620$29.97
Pelican HeadsUp Lite 2620NVG Flashlight2620NVG$39.97
Pelican HeadsUp Lite 2640 Flashlight2640$36.97
Pelican HeadsUp Lite 2690 LED Flashlight2690$29.97
Pelican KingLite 4000 Flashlight4000$89.97
Pelican L1 1930 LED Flashlight1930$16.97
Pelican L4 1830 LED Flashlight1830$19.97
Pelican Little Ed 3610 LED Flashlight3610$69.97
Pelican Little Ed 3610 Photoluminescent Flashlight3610PL$69.97
Pelican Little Ed™ Rechargeable 3660 LED™ Flashlight3660$129.97
Pelican M10 8040 Black Knight Xenon Flashlight8040 M10$47.97
Pelican M10 8040 Replacement Lamp Module (8044)8044$12.99
Pelican M6 2320 Tactical Flashlight2320$65.97
Pelican M6 2330 LED Tactical Flashlight2330 M6 LED$89.97
Pelican M6 3W 2390 LED Tactical Flashlight2390$119.97
Pelican Mini Flasher 2130 LED Flashlight2130$11.97
Pelican Mini Flasher 2130IR LED Flashlight2130IR$17.97
Pelican MityLite™ 1900 Flashlight1900$13.97
Pelican MityLite™ 1965 LED Flashlight1965$18.99
Pelican MityLite™ 2300 Flashlight2300$19.97
Pelican MityLite™ 2340 Flashlight2340$20.97
Pelican Nemo 1960 LED Dive Flashlight1960N$18.97
Pelican Nemo 2000N Waterproof Flashlight2000N$37.97
Pelican Nemo 2410N LED Waterproof Flashlight2410N$59.97
Pelican Nemo Dive Series 1900N Flashlight1900N$13.97
Pelican PeliLite 1800 Xenon Flashlight1800$27.97
Pelican PeliLite 18800 Xenon Flashlight18800$24.99
Pelican PM6 3320 Tactical Flashlight3320 PM6$33.97
Pelican PM6 3330 Tactical LED Flashlight3330$49.97
Pelican Pocket Sabre 1820 Xenon Flashlight1820$35.97
Pelican Recoil SabreLite™ 2020 LED™ Flashlight2020$67.97
Pelican SabreLite 2000 Xenon FlashLight2000$31.97
Pelican SabreLite 2000PL Photoluminescent Xenon Flashlight2000PL$31.97
Pelican SabreLite™ 2010 LED™ Flashlight2010$57.97
Pelican SabreLite™ 2010 LED™ Photoluminescent Flashlight2010PL$57.97
Pelican StealthLite 2400 Flashlight2400$33.97
Pelican StealthLite 2450 Rechargeable FlashLight2450$89.97
Pelican StealthLite™ 2410 LED Flashlight2410$57.97
Pelican StealthLite™ 2410 LED™Photoluminescent Flashlight2410PL$57.97
Pelican StealthLite™Rechargeable 2460 LED™Flashlight2460$109.97
Pelican Tracker™ 2140 Flashlight2140$14.97
Pelican VB3 2220 LED Flashlight2220$18.97
Pelican VB3 2220NV LED Flashlight2220NV$21.97
Pelican VersaBrite™ 2250 Deluxe Light Kit2250$22.97
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